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Creating a synergy between Instagram and SEO will boost your online presence

If you are not using Instagram for your business, you are losing out on immense opportunities for growing your business.  Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms for marketing because of its business-oriented features. Many of the features are so unique that it allows innovative use of the platform for marketing and branding and gives an edge in competition. Using Instagram for business, you will make you feel like the forum was to address all your marketing needs no matter how unique it might be. Instagram has a high engagement rate, and the visual media’s attraction draws more people to it. An interesting aspect of Instagram is that a considerable proportion of users actively follow business accounts on Instagram, which gives more reasons for businesses to use the platform.

Instagram and SEO can go hand in hand

Since the basic structure of Instagram marketing has close similarities with SEO marketing as both revolve around content-driven campaigns and audience engagement, it makes perfect sense to use these in tandem to bolster the marketing efforts. By exploiting the business-friendly features of Instagram, it is possible to improve the performance of SEO marketing. Although search engines do not use social media signals as factors to determine search engine rankings, there are still many benefits of creating asynergy between Instagram and SEOmarketing.

Focus on gathering likes

To get a toe hold on Instagram after creating a business account, create high-quality content that generates instant interest among the audience and encourage them to view it. Visibility matters most in any online campaign, and if your content has enough merit and meets the expectations of viewers, they would acknowledge its goodness by providing likes. The more likes your posts gather, the more popular it is to establish your authority on the platform for reinforcingyour branding and marketing efforts. Likes are crucial to strengthen your presence on Instagram, but the process of gathering likes in the way stated above takes time and a lot of hard work.

To speed up the process so that your campaign gains momentum right from launch, you can get some free IG likes offered by companies that sell Instagram likes. However, you must follow it up with periodical buying of bigger lots of likes to drive your campaign on the fast track that helps meet business growth goals.

More likes mean more popularity

Like SEO, you must implement various optimization techniques to make your Instagram campaign more effective. One of the most critical measures to establish a compelling Instagram presence is to gather maximum likes for your posts that point to your business and brand’s increasing popularity. The reason for integrating Instagram with your SEO campaign is because your social media accounts appear in the search results along with your website link. Although your Instagram account will not show up in the search results because it does not allow search engines to categorize images, there are other reasons for integrating Instagram and SEO. Being on Instagram will take your business in front of all mobile users because the Instagram app is only for mobile device users.

The following tips should help you use your Instagram profile in tandem with SEO to augment your online marketing campaign.

Link Instagram to other social media accounts

Advertising on Instagram is one of the notable business-friendly features of the platform. To expand your reach, look beyond Instagram to fulfill your advertising needs by developing a multichannel marketing strategy. Linking your Instagram account with your other social media accounts will help to gain wider exposure. It will drive traffic from your other social media accounts to your Instagram account, which gives you the opportunity of engaging with the audience in a more intense manner.  You can bolster your brand integrity through consistent messaging and advertising across social media channels.

You can authorize Instagram to access your other social media accounts, and a link added to your Instagram account will help you gain access to those accounts.  Linking your feed to other social media accounts will only increase your Instagram page’s benefits and become more accessible and visible to a larger audience.

Change your URL to suit the campaign

The only place for highlighting your website link is your Instagram profile. Although you cannot insert the website link in your Instagram posts, to maintain the link’s relevance with the posts, change the URL frequently to align it with the campaign that helps to drive more traffic to specific pages. It should help direct people to different landing pages, product pages, and articles that you want to use to drive your campaign in the right direction. To know the appropriate time to change the link, look upon it as a call to action.  Analyzing the return on investment vis-a-vis engagement should also help to determine if it is time to change the URL.

Use hashtags

Carry out some research to identify hashtags that drive high traffic volumes while staying relevant to the content. Instead of sprinkling hashtags across the image caption of the description, it is more effective to place hashtags at the end of the posts. Use some tools for your hashtag research to identify others who are using the hashtags. On checking the top 100 hashtags, you should get a fair idea about the most popular ones. Use hashtags with restraints by not exceeding 4-9 hashtags per post.

Increase your domain authority

Brand authority is a dynamic element that passes on from one digital media to another and allows enjoying the gains of any one media across the social media landscape.  It helps in the faster spreading of brand awareness, both online and offline, which boosts search volume. As a result, more traffic reaches your website that increases your domain authority over time. Since domain authority directly impacts ranking, it pushes up your ranking too.

Enough evidence is available about Instagram having an indirect impact on your search rankings, which justifies the move to integrate it with SEO.

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