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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Mobile Apps

With the increase in the use of smartphones, more and more mobile apps are being created to simplify the life of people. It has resulted in the emergence of the mobile app industry as one of the most lucrative industries. A mobile application can do wonders for your business. A mobile app can help optimize your sales, marketing efforts, internal business processes, and revenues. With a mobile app, you can easily target a new audience base and produce a new stream of income.

But creating a perfect mobile app is not a piece of cake. No one is perfect. App development company London and software developers London aren’t an exception. Some app development mistakes are more problematic than others. So, whether it simply costs you money, time, or both, these mistakes can be quite annoying. No one wants to make mistakes during the process of mobile app development. Most mistakes can be avoided if software developers London knew about them early on. That’s why this guide is here. Listed below are the common app development mistakes to help you avoid them and create the best possible apps:

Neglecting Research

Business owners as well as an app development company London need to do complete research before they choose to create a mobile app. It is mainly because every app and development procedure has different objectives. So, you need to consider all the factors that will go into app development. As far as app development is considered, doing proper research can assist you to save lots of money and time in the long run. Ensure to consider your business nature, your primary objective, competitors, target audience, and your exclusive selling proposition.

Not Meeting User Expectations

Drawing new users to your mobile app isn’t a simple job. Every user has different needs and expectations. Moreover, the first impression is always the last impression. So, the very first interaction of your app with the users is an essential stage. You should take complete care of that. It is nearly impossible to meet the preferences and needs of all users. But you should ensure that you don’t make users fill lengthy registration forms during their first visit to the app. Keep regular sign-up/ login only in place, in the beginning, asking for only email address and name. You can also include social media login for users who wish to login using their social media accounts.

Creating An App When It Is Not Required

Though mobile applications assist to increase your client base, creating a mobile app that doesn’t have the demand is a bad idea. Mobile application development is an expensive and time-consuming procedure. If nobody ends up utilizing your mobile app, then it can get a huge monetary burden on your business. So, you should define the aims of your business clearly and find if the mobile app meets those objectives. Businesses and organizations want their users to get connected to their apps and make a purchase via their app. So, before you make an app, ensure to find the needs of your clients and find the problematic areas of the business. Then figure out if the app can resolve those issues and meet customer expectations. If it can, then you should continue with the development process. You can try creating an app like cotomovies which can help you with bootstraping your app experience.

Not Making an MVP

Going into the final app build is another popular mistake that most software developers London make. An MVP can assist you to test your app and review its performance. MVP is the stage that helps your app by adding all the necessary features and letting it launch the app with the whole development procedure at an advanced level in the market. With an MVP, you can decrease the real cost and time of the product by speeding up the development procedure. Once an MVP is ready, you can get the feedback, make the needed changes in the app model, and then fix the final product.

Undermining the Significance of Marketing

No matter how good your mobile app is, the mobile app will not sell itself if people don’t hear about it. Knowing your target audience certainly is one of the most important steps of the app development process. And showcasing your mobile app in the right places and at the right time is even more important.

Building For Many Platforms

Based on your app’s purpose, you may want to make it available on all platforms so that everyone can use it. Though this has its benefits, it can have many challenges for the app development company London. If you want to make a native mobile app, making an Android or iOS app can double your budget. Creating for both platforms are two projects. If you have not created an app before, it can be a daunting task to take up both projects. So, instead of increasing your primary development costs and beginning with something that is a lot for you to deal with, you should stick to one platform only.

Going Overboard with Functions and Features

Mobile apps are limitless nowadays. They can do anything and everything you can imagine. But that does not mean that the app should include every function and feature. Stick to the important features only that the app will need to work properly. Adding many features and functions can create lots of issues. It can increase your app development budget in the initial development stage and with every new feature added to the app, the budget will increase. Moreover, jamming the mobile app with lots of features can hinder its performance too. Mobile apps with lots of features and functions are also susceptible to errors, bugs, and crashes.


Developing a mobile app can be quite frustrating sometimes. So, app development mistakes occur. But if you know the common app development mistakes early on, you can easily avoid them.

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