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Chatbot Set-up for Increased Email Marketing and Automation

Chatbots are being integrated into many aspects of our everyday life. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, chatbots have become an integral part of our daily lives. When it comes to customer experience, chatbots can offer brands a new way of communicating with their customers especially through email marketing integration and automation strategies.

Incorporating chatbots into your companies email marketing strategies will help to grow and gain insight into how businesses can reach their target audience. Chatbots are a way for businesses to collect emails and data from their customers that might not have been available otherwise.

Below, are some best practices on how businesses can successfully integrate chatbots into their email marketing and automation strategies.

Securing Emails and Sign-up Generation 

Adding a chatbot to a company site enables a chatbot pop-up that can help answer any questions a customer or site visitor might have. With the integrated chatbot, it can request a visitor’s email address at any time and interest them in signing up for a newsletter or new blog posts. By using a chatbot, you can get the information you need from your users while also allowing them to ask questions and get to know your brand before officially signing up.

The chatbot also replaces a call to action (CTA) function, this creates a more personalized experience for the user by getting the opportunity to interact with the personalized features of artificial intelligence (AI).

Additionally, after receiving the customer or visitor’s email address they’ll be a part of the generated sign-up and they’ll receive future weekly or monthly information updates about the product. Your email rates have the opportunity to increase, along with interaction and engagement proving chatbot success in securing new customers.


Segmenting allows for a more detailed list and a better understanding of the target audience for email marketing. This is a customized process that allows businesses to reach the desired target audience, increasing interaction, engagement and open rates of emails.

Chatbot features can help with segmentation by having that personalized conversations with customers to collect all the data needed to incorporate different segmentation groups into the email marketing strategy. Chatbots will ask customers specific questions that will allow for the most optimized version of segmentation. The chatbot can be set up with the integration of programs like Mailchimp to separate each audience of the segmentation.

Personalized Experience

Chatbot features and capabilities with email marketing give an overall more personalized experience for the user. It’s interactive and allows businesses to better understand what customers want to receive and what they are less interested in. Through utilizing chatbot features whether a typical CTA or email fill-out form, chatbots engage in a conversation for a better customer experience.

Incorporating these strategies into your email marketing strategy can help customers feel more connected to your business and not like they’re receiving spam emails that don’t have any relevance to them. Chatbots will help eliminate those feelings and create a better user and customer experience.

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