Online Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Thinking of starting your very own business? Need some ideas for strategic planning? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Starting a business can be a formidable experience. You would be required to make a complete game plan for this. Not only, would need strategies but also a robust team to execute these strategies. As … Read more

What future holds for Mobile Money & Agent Banking?

In an East African country, an idea that gives birth to the developing world by storm. The concept of mobile money solution was introduced in Kenya in 2007 by two mobile network operators, namely Safaricom and Vodafone. Although it is believed that a similar idea emerged in the Philippines in 2005, and Kenya’s M-Pesa services … Read more

The Significant Variety of Creative Custom Snack Boxes

Snacks mostly come in numerous alluring types and flavors. The variety of snacks can go from sweet to spicy.Snacks are the ultimate choice for any type of occasion or just a normal day. With the high demand for snacks in the market, many companies produce various types of snacks due to which the competition has … Read more

How Smart Contracts Help Refine The Contract Management Process?

Technology is refining and redefining the way businesses operate nowadays. From streamlining their internal processes to reaching out to customers and collaborating with partners, technology has a huge role to play. Now, if we focus on collaborating with partners, vendors, shareholders, etc., contract formation comes into the picture. However, with the rise of technology, it … Read more