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4 Best WooCommerce Alternatives

For your business to gain a platform for customers, you need an e-commerce hosting platform. WooCommerce is a simple and easy-to-use hosting services provider that is right for most online businesses.

However, for some, it may not be the perfect fit. Here are the four best alternatives to WooCommerce to use for your business.

What is WooCommerce?

One may wonder what is WooCommerce? How can it help their business? WooCommerce is an e-commerce hosting provider that specializes in WordPress services.

It has easily customizable plans to fit the needs of businesses and is a platform you can rely on to reach customers. Nexcess Storebuilder is a supplier of WooCommerce services that sells affordable subscription plans tailored to your business needs.

Square Online

While you may know Square as a manufacturer of electronic card readers, they also offer an online store platform that is free to join.

Square Online is very simple to use, especially for existing Square users who are already familiar with its functions. Furthermore, the platform includes an array of plugins to optimize sales and your customer experience.

Square online is also affordable to use, with no subscription or startup fees. However, there is a small fee deducted from every customer transaction, but it is nominal and will hardly affect your business.


Known for its high-quality customer service, Squarespace is a rewarding e-commerce platform that is easy to use and inexpensive. It offers four different subscription plans for different sizes of businesses.

At the small end, the Personal Plan provides for a unique custom domain plus unlimited bandwidth and storage. Moving up, the Business Plan has all the features of the Personal Plan with an email account in your domain, full website customization, analytics data, and the capacity to sell unlimited products.

The Basic Commerce Plan has all the previous features plus the ability for customers to make accounts. Finally, the Advanced Commerce Plan gives your store additional features, such as email marketing and gift cards.


Wix offers the most customization of any alternative to WooCommerce. With six different subscription plans ranging from $22 to $56 per month, this e-commerce platform can fit the needs of any business.

Moreover, it can come with marketing tools and search engine optimization, so more customers can reach your business. You can also pay for these plans either every month or every year. It is easy to upgrade your plan as your business grows.


Shopify is a very accessible hosting platform that is customizable and easy to use. Access to their websites is easy for business owners via their mobile app. Shopify provides three different plans. Basic Shopify is the starter level, where you have unlimited selling capacity plus the availability of discount codes.

The median Shopify Plan includes all the basic features and more staff accounts are available. The highest level, Advanced Shopify, includes even more staff accounts plus many additional benefits and customizations. All of these come with 24/7 customer support to resolve any issues in real-time.

WooCommerce is a very effective e-commerce hosting platform for many businesses, however, it may not be perfect for everyone. There are plenty of alternatives for business owners to choose from to properly meet their needs.

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