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7 Best Fixes for Error Code 0xc000000e in Windows 10 – Detailed Tutorials

Error code 0xc000000e is a type of Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10 computers that you might have seen. For example, when you boot your computer, you can see an error message that your PC needs to be repaired 0xc000000e. When the message appears, you cannot start your computer normally, you have to need to take some measures to get around the problem.

However, the problem-solving process is not as simple as you imagine. If you lose some of your important files accidentally during the process, you can use a free file recovery tool to recover them.

Now, we will share seven solutions for you to fix Windows boot error 0xc000000e.

01. Check the Physical Devices’ Connections

Your computer is likely to be mistakenly set to boot from an external drive. In that situation, it can boot into error code 0xc000000e. To rule out this possibility, you had better check these devices one by one: external USB storage devices, pen drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. If the error code is not caused by this situation, you can try the second solution.

02. Rebuild BCD

BCD (short for Boot Configuration Data) contains the boot configuration parameters which are highly related to the way your Windows computer starts. When BDC gets corrupted, code 0xc000000e in Windows 10 is very likely to occur when you start the computer.

To fix the corrupted BCD, it is feasible to rebuilding BCD. But first you need to create a Windows installation medium, since it will allow your computer to boot from it. Follow the guide step by step.

  1. Search for Windows installation medium on Google and choose the result from Microsoft, afterward, you can download the tool, when that is done, you could create a bootable USB medium.
  2. Now boot your Windows computer from the bootable USB drive, then click Next, go to Repair your computer > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.
  3. Access your account, and type bootrec /rebuildbcd in Command Prompt, at last click Enter
  4. Press the Y key as soon as you see a Windows installation (this operation will rebuild BCD).
  5. Type bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot successively, remember to press Enter after each.
  6. At last, restart your computer to see if it can boot normally now.

03. Try to Use the Windows Startup Repair Tool

Using the Windows Startup Repair tool, you can scan your computer to find some key issues and then fix them. This tool also allows you to boot your computer from the bootable USB, and then use the above-mentioned method to access the Advanced options interface. But if you decide to use this method, you need to click Startup Repair instead to let Windows diagnose your PC. If the issue gets solved successfully, your computer can reboot automatically.

04. Enable Windows 8.1/10 WHQL Support Option in BIOS

Some Windows computers are built with Windows 8.1/10 WHQL Support (see picture below). You can enable it in BIOS if your computer supports it. If you access BIOS and find it is not enabled, please enable and see if your Windows computer can boot.

02 -WHQL Support

05. Reset the BIOS/UEFI Configuration in Windows

If the error code 0xc000000e still persists after you try all the 4 methods above, need to reset BIOS/CMOS in Windows. You can find the detailed steps here.

06. Mark the Boot Disk Online

Note that if the boot disk in your computer is offline,that will cause Windows boot error 0xc000000e. You are supposed to mark the boot disk online to solve the problem.

  1. Boot your Windows computer from the bootable USB medium → click Next → go to Repair your computer – Troubleshoot – Advanced options – Command Prompt (access your account when necessary.)
  2. Type the following command, remember to press the Enter key after each:

list disk

select disk * (replace the * with the number of the boot disk)

online disk

  1. Close Command Prompt and reboot your computer to see if can work now.

07.Reinstall Windows

If all the above 6 methods fail to fix the issue, your last solution is to reinstall Windows operating system. You also need the boot USB drive.

  1. Boot your computer from the boot USB drive → click Install now → click I don’t have a product key.
  2. Select the operating system you want to use, and then click “Next”.
  3. Check I accept the license terms → click Next → Click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).
  4. Select the drive you want to install the Windows system (see the image below, it is usually it is Drive 0.)
  5. Click Delete →click OK.
    03- delete partition
  1. Select the empty partition, at last, click Next, your computer will begin the Windows installation process.

After the Windows installation is finished, the issue is solved. You can boot your computer normally now.

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