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Best destinations for winter getaways in 2022

For those who have not had a chance to vacation in summer, there is a great opportunity to take a winter holiday. There are a huge number of options for spending a vacation during the coldest months of the year. Suffice to say that it all depends on your preferences, whether you like to spend your vacation at a ski resort or would rather warm up by the ocean. Today, however, we are going to speak about the places where you can warm up from the cold of winter and even get a little tan.

  • The UAE

If you haven’t been to the UAE yet, a winter vacation in the Emirates would be a great decision for 2022. Weather temperatures become comfortable for walking along the coast of the Persian Gulf and in the shopping malls the season of sales just began. The Emirates is famous for its amenities and comfort, especially for a vacation with small children.

There is definitely a lot to see in the UAE, including nature reservations and historical sites. In order to catch as much as possible, you can rent a car during the trip. Automotive services in Dubai offer a great range of vehicles to fit every taste. Thus, vacationing with a family you can take advantage of SUV rental Dubai and hire a roomy vehicle for the entire journey, whereas the specialists of the services will take care of your comfort and safety during the trip to the Emirates.

  • Indonesia

The island state of Indonesia is famous for its nature, mainly for the volcanoes and huge palms, as well as ancient sights. The most popular Indonesian resort is considered to be Bali, a place where everything is made just for the travelers. Here you can rest on the beach, learn surfing or diving, take yoga classes and have a bite of local cuisine in cafes and restaurants.

  • Thailand

Thailand can be visited in any of the winter months. The most visited resort destination is Pattaya, where the tourist infrastructure is well developed. Besides the resort of Pattaya, the island of Phuket is favored by tourists because of its white beaches, clear blue waters and amazing villas. As well as Pattaya, the island comes in handy for couples with children, young partygoers, active recreation lovers, and even for the elderly who prefer a bit more quieter pace.

  • India

Sunny resorts in India will give you a real summer during winter time, this is the best place to enjoy the warm sea and have a beautiful tan. If you get bored with a beach vacation, a lot of fun will bring the sightseeing. In February many national holidays and festivals take place that are very bright and will for sure bring you vivid impressions.

  • Vietnam

For the fans of outdoor activities, it is worth considering traveling to Vietnam. Most popular tourist destinations are the resorts of Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. Here there is a lot to do both for adults and children, ranging from fishing and diving to the elephant rides, playing golf, karaoke singing and visiting numerous amusement and water parks.

  • Dominica

By mid-autumn, the hurricane season ends in the Dominican Republic and the temperatures are wonderfully comfortable. You can go to the beach starting at six a.m. just after sunrise. Thankfully, the time difference makes an early rise very convenient. So, if you’ ve always dreamed of seeing sunrises on the oceanfront, this place is certainly for you.

We suggest that you do not wait long to choose the favorite destination and buy tickets as soon as possible, since they are snapped up very quickly, particularly in the run-up to the Christmas holidays.

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