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Benefits of Link Building

Link building is one of the most important concepts in SEO (search engine optimization). That said, many SEO professionals also consider it one of the most difficult parts of the job. Here are a few ways that strong link building can boost your website’s traffic.

Recap of link building

The general purpose of SEO is to push a specific website or page higher up in traditional search engine results to increase traffic. When applied in online marketing strategies, SEO accounts for how algorithms determine site rankings, how search engines typically operate, and which keywords are the most common.

Link building is all about linking to quality websites (and having them link back to you) to improve your website’s ranking on search engine results. There are many undeniable benefits that effective link building has on a site, and anyone serious about building their online presence should consider it a crucial priority.

Modern link building goes far beyond placing links to your site in any area where they fit (this can even get you penalized in current rankings). Instead, you need to focus on well-researched, high quality, original content. There are a few ways to go about effective link placement in your content. Some choose to publish on well-known websites and provide links back to their own site within these pages. Others choose to provide links to research within high quality articles on their own sites.

You might also choose to take advantage of the continually rising popularity in video content by linking videos within your content. Regardless of your approach, these are some vital advantages of strategic link building.

Domain authority

Domain authority (DA) is one of the Moz scores developed to evaluate websites and individual pages, and it predicts the site’s likelihood of showing up in search engine results. This likelihood is based on a score ranging from 1-100, with the highest scores having the highest likelihood of showing on the top page. One of the biggest factors in determining a site’s score is the amount of backlinks in its content and the DA score of those links. This is one of the biggest reasons why link building is so important.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that DA is best viewed as more of a competitive score than an absolute measure of a site’s quality. In other words, you just need a higher ranking than your direct competitors to show up faster on search engine results, rather than needing a near 100 score. 

Referral traffic

A great thing about online links is that they can benefit multiple parties at once. If a user sees a link to your site in an article and they decide they want to know more about that topic, they can follow that link to increase your own traffic. This is called a referral link. Of course, you can have referral links built into your own site as well.

It can actually be a good idea to collaborate with other influencers in your industry to link each other’s content. This type of cooperation can lead to increased traffic for all involved and is one of many examples of how link building can be a mutually beneficial process.

 Permanent investments

Arguably the biggest benefit of link building is that online links exist indefinitely, so long as the domain is up. This means that any relationships you build and all traffic you gain through your strategies are permanent benefits. This can often be better than paid ads, which are just temporary traffic boosters in most cases.

Achieving placements on sites with a high profile will also give you a permanent credibility boost. This exposure to higher level influencers can be a good opportunity for you to see what leaders in your industry are doing and help you develop your own spin on current trends. Soon you may even find yourself posting as a top authority in your field.

Effective link building is still impossible to overvalue when it comes to your SEO strategy, and it’s often be all the difference between a successful online presence and a failed one.

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