How Technology Will Benefit from Rogers Communications Bringing Standalone 5G to Canada

How Technology Will Benefit from Rogers Communications Bringing Standalone 5G to Canada

Fifth-generation software, also known as 5G, isn’t a new concept. In Canada and around the world, governments and technology companies are rolling out more networks to improve society. But only Canadians will get access to the first-ever standalone 5G network after Rogers Communications announced the new generation of wireless technology. Readers will be excited about … Read more

How To Fix Audio Renderer Error

audio renderer error

Sometimes you get an error message saying Audio Renderer error: Please Restart the computer while playing a YouTube video? If you are getting so then here are the possible workarounds that you can try to fix this error. Many Windows users have reported that they are getting an error message while playing a Youtube video. An … Read more

Two Finger Scroll Not Working

two finger scroll not working

What is a Two Finger Scroll? It is nothing but an option that lets you scroll pages through your two fingers on the touchpad of your laptop. However, this works smoothly and effortlessly on most of the laptops, but nowadays, many users are facing the 2 fingers scroll not working on Windows 10 Why Does … Read more

What Is About Blank And Why Do I See It?


“About:blank” is an error that often comes when you are browsing on the internet and something goes wrong. When there is some error in the browser such as Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla firefox, opera, apple safari etc, and it does not display anything, then, this error is often seen in the screen. There are … Read more

How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing In Windows 10? Read Our Article To Find Out

nvidia control panel missing

Has the Nvidia Control Panel gone missing from your computer after you upgraded your Windows or updated your graphics driver? As per the users, they have encountered this error after upgrading their Windows version from Windows 10. Many users have encountered this error when the graphics driver software is not updated properly. The Nvidia Control … Read more