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An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App

Running or installing an app in windows 10 is a very easy process but sometimes certain error occurs which won’t let us do that. Such issues follow after the release of any new operating system and it takes time while Microsoft resolves it on their own. Therefore, you can try to fix your problem by your own.

This error occurs each time when you try to install some new programs on your PC. This error occurs because windows was reportedly quite weak in handling malicious software so Microsoft wants to improve this security with the new windows 10 update. The update seems to be harsh to third-party executables and windows block them by default using its new windows defender and smart screen. The error message may appear when you try to install verified programs. Don’t just ignore it, check if it is malicious or not. Check how to solve this problem.

Repair corrupt system files

Install and run Restro to scan for corrupt files. If you find any corrupt and missing files then repair and check them and then check if it fixes the issue. If not then follow the given solutions to solve your problem.

 Solution 1: Using the hidden administrator account

You will need an alternate administrator account to install a program

  1. Write “command prompt: in your search bar, right click on it and then select “run as administrator”
  2. Copy and paste the following command in command prompt and then select enter. You should see the ‘the command completed successfully’ message.
  3. Sign out from your current session by clicking on the windows logo in the lower left part of your screen. Click on the account logo and click on “sign out”
  4. Sign in to your administrator account and wait for few minutes.
  5. Locate the file which you want to install it without any problems.
  6. Sign out from the administrator account and then go back to your original account.
  7. In order to disable the hidden administrator account, you may need to access command prompt with admin right and paste the following command.

Solution 2: Execute the file via command prompt

  1. Right click on the file which you want to install and select properties from the context menu.
  2. In the general tab, highlight and copy the entry under the location.
  3. Now, you can press the windows logo key + X together and select ‘command prompt’ from the menu.
  4. Paste the file location which you copied in step 3 in the elevated command prompt window.
  5. Minimize the elevated command prompt and go back to the file’s properties window. Copy the name of the file.
  6. Minimize the elevated command prompt. Then write ‘\’ and then paste the entry which you copied in step 5. Now you will have the location and name of the file.
  7. Press enter to execute the command. Check if the error message still appears.

Solution 3: Temporarily disable your antivirus program

It may be the third party antivirus program on your PC which is leading you to the error. So the first thing you have to do is add an exception for the application which you are trying to launch. To find this setting you need to consult your antivirus program’s user manual or simply look in the web.

You will also get an option of completely disabling the antivirus software if you are unable to find a way of adding an exception for the problematic app. Also you should keep in mind that you must have a strong and trusted security program active on your PC to keep you safe from the potential threats.

Solution 4: Disable Windows Smart screen

Windows 10 has the smart screen feature which is a cloud-based component that wards off phishing and malware attacks.

To disable the feature and see if it is behind the setback you are facing then follow the given steps.

  1. Select windows logo key to bring the start menu.
  2. Type ‘smartscreen’ in the search bar and select app and browser control from the results.
  3. In the windows defender security center that opens, go to check apps and files and turn it off.
  4. Now, try running your file again. And see if the error is solved.

If you don’t want to disable your smartscreen then you can try these steps.

  1. Right click on the file which you want to run and click on properties from the context menu.
  2. In the general tab, unmark the checkbox for unblock.
  3. Click on apply then ok.
  4. Once you do this the file will be recognized to be safe and will bypass smart screen. Now you can try running it again.


I hope this article will guide you in fixing the “an administrator has blocked you from running this app” error on your PC and is proven helpful. Given above are the solutions for your error which you can try and fix your error.

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