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8 Unique Ways to Make Lucrative Logo for Business

Did you know that about 57.67% of small businesses are ready to pay 500 USD for a logo design? You might wonder why a small business would want to put so much of their budget into designing a business logo? But it is not a bad investment. Have you not realized that by looking at the logo you can identify the business? And you can do this even if the name isn’t mentioned? You can look at a logo and even guess what the business is about even if you have never seen the logo before. Business logo creation is an important task for your brand and creates the impact your brand will have in the public mind. Therefore, a business logo is the most critical branding investment any business can make.

A logo can be defined as the company’s face. Quite frequently, it is the first thing that a prospective customer will see regarding your business. A logo is more than just an image—it is a point of identification for customers and a significant basis for the branding of your business. It is usually stated that customers make their opinion about a business in seconds. A logo that is well-designed is a simple way to communicate to prospective customers that your company is reliable, professional, and offers quality services or goods.

There are many unique ways to create logo; here we list 8 such methods:

  • Know Your Brand

Before you begin designing your business logo, ensure that you have some acumen into the brand. Retain this in mind that the logo should influence a distinct assemblage of people, which is the target customers and target market. So, pen down what your company, market, and brand are all about. Ascertain what the brand philosophy is and what motivations it has for the future.

Know the brand character too. Is it a more flexible brand or a robust brand when it comes to its tone? What is the direction it requires to propel itself among its market and consumers? All before-mentioned aspects must be set already. Such data will help you as a model for your business logo creation. You will select your logo components based on the data about your brand.

Ensure that your logo is completely proficient in symbolizing your business. The images and colors utilized in your logo should follow the business you operate and the services or products you present. It is when a logo follows your business that it will produce a brand name for your business in the dog-eat-dog market.

The targeted consumers will additionally get your message when the design matches your company and its purposes or properties. So, whether you are designing your logo from scratch or redesigning it with the help of creative logo design, examine these three important points in mind, to set your company in an aggressive market.

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  • Make a Semantic Kernel

The principal purpose of a business logo is to design a significant connection with the brand. So it is constantly an excellent concept to think across the things you need your product or company to be linked with.

Pen down all of the expressive words you require to be a component of your brand. For instance, if you are merchandising ornaments you presumably will think of: jewels, gorgeous, expensive, unique, refined, classic, majestic, etc.  That is how a semantic kernel is built. And once you continue to the design part it will be a significant asset. You (or the team you have chosen) may apply the semantic kernel to determine correct fonts, visual effects, and colors.

  • Colors are Critical

Colors perform a significant part in defining a brand’s communication. For instance, if you apply red as the central color in your business logo, it will convey the communication of the brand as bold, intense, and vigorous. This indicates that your brand aims to target youthful customers. If blue is the main color, it will provoke the perceptions of knowledge and togetherness. This is the idea behind social channels such as Facebook who have logos in blue. If you aspire to build a social media page, think of having blue as its central color in its composition.

Apply brilliant and vivid colors to seize people’s notice. But these colors must speak about your brand character as well. Do remember that each color elicits a sensation, which becomes its communication for the customers or viewers. There is a science following colors, which contemporary graphic designers definitely apply.

  • The Salience of Color

The quality that makes an object stand out more than others against its setting is called salience. A pop of color can lead to visual salience. It is an all-embracing name to apply in informal chat to grab your designer friends’ attention, and also an excellent method to produce an effective logo. One straightforward way to produce visual salience is to apply a ‘pop’ of color, like the logo below.

The Salience of Color

In this logo from Evergreen, the pop arrives from a green leaf symbol over the black text, but you could likewise make the initial letter of your brand name a contrasting color or even a complete word. Combining this little pop of color checks your design from appearing dull, and is a method designers apply all of the time. The Amazon logo is also an exceptional illustration of this.

  • Pay Attention to Fonts and Typesets

Several designers do not pay regard to the choice of typefaces and pick them randomly. The truth is that typefaces deliver brand personality. For instance, a typeface applied for a toy business’s logo will most probably be a transcribed typeface. This is because the kids are the target consumers and you want to propel your name as a child-friendly company. A good example of this is Hamleys.

Furthermore, if you are designing a logo for a music company, pick strong fonts that form a powerful personality for your company. So, ensure that the typeface you select and your brand character is not a mismatch. If the selection of typeface does not talk for your brand, the logo will convey incorrect beacons to your possible customers.

Additionally, bypass utilizing gimmicky fonts. If feasible, utilize the individual fonts that you create particularly for your logo. So, now, let us talk about customized fonts.

  • Typeset

While we are on the topic of being different, there is nearly nothing that can provide your logo with a different feeling quite like some outstanding custom lettering. Too frequently we view business logo design as solely a journey to the font list to mark which typeface makes the brand name look most desirable. When you hire creative logo designers to make your logo, you are right to expect more from them.

Custom type serves to assure that your individual logo will linger that way. Other designers will rip off your logo in a moment if they see which typeface you are applying, but it demands some genuine ability to simulate custom hand-drawn font. Logos like that of Coca-Cola are distinguished for their custom fonts. By utilizing the correct colors you will design brand identity and logo both.

  • Make it Flexible

Another feature of an excellent logo design is that it is effortlessly adaptable. Remember that your business logo will emphasize the diversity of advertisements. It should seem like an extraordinary logo on every kind of media. This suggests that when sized up to more epic dimensions on a billboard, the logo should seem remarkable. It should display just as fabulous as part of the billboard design as it would on your Instagram.

But if the logo drops its understanding of symmetry and some of its design components look strange on a billboard, the logo is a busted design. Likewise, if there is a requirement to publish a logo on a more inadequate cover such as that of promotional merchandise such as a pen, the details of the logo must nevertheless be apparent.

  • Utilize Negative Space

Coco Chanel formerly stated, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. The very thing pertains to design. You want to ensure customers can read your business logo from a yard, or when it is especially short—keeping it “clean” (in the language of designing, this means “lots of blank space”) will accomplish this. Below we can understand how Savant Yoga has employed blank space to summon a sensation of tranquility.

This logo for a photography business brings minimalism to a different level, and produces a camera symbol out of two brackets and the vowel “o”. This logo demonstrates that you don’t eternally require a complete collection of symbols or colors to design a fabulous logo.

  • Don’t Stop Sketching

You never identify when your brain will glide a design that is about to make you prosperous. So ensure you always have something to draw a design on (whether it is in a notebook or on an app on your mobile phone). Don’t be hesitant to draw as it is a great foundation that you can utilize while creating a logo.

  • Test It

Once you have come up with a design you prefer, don’t race to put it out there. Experiment with it on a social media profile or on a landing page. Perform a survey. Is it stable enough? Do you want to modify something? Does it correlate with the design of your website? Utilize the logo only if you are 100% satisfied with what you have created. If not, you can continually make the modifications required.


Don’t hurry when it comes to business logo creation. The ultimate logo may define your business prosperity for the subsequent decade. So, go slow when you make your business logo.

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