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5 ways technology is changing our lives and various sectors

Humans have always been looking to make things more efficient. And there is no doubt about it- technology has drastically changed the world in the past few years. Cultural shift plays an important role in how we perceive things and interact with others.

Furthermore, our lives are far safer than they were a few years ago. Almost all of our processes are automated, and the technology is only getting better with time. The internet has contracted the world down to just a few commands from a smartphone. Increased digitization has led to globalization, and it has connected the world.

Today we will go over five things that have been revolutionized by technology.

  1. How we do business: Technology has changed how we do business. Significant change is present in how we find our customer base. Companies no longer have to operate out of brick-and-mortar shops. There are more than 24 million online shops in the world. With so much competition in the market, firms must do whatever it takes to stay on top. Technology has also changed our workspaces. Nowadays, workers wear different hats to keep both performance and profits sky-high. They must use tech to make better choices for their corporations. Almost 70% of people look up businesses online before they decide to buy anything. Customer service has also changed due to same reasons. Many firms have reduced the time it takes to solve issues. And payment has even gotten quicker.
  2. How we and what we study: New tech has revolutionized the education sector. Students can choose from diverse fields. Many emerging disciplines integrate technology with daily processes. As the world shifts due to digitalization, companies value interdisciplinary degrees over conventional ones. New programs such as online data analytics degree are becoming more common. Not only that, but technology has also made education open to all. Learners can also opt to get high-quality education from the convenience of their homes.
  3. How we eat food and entertain ourselves: Food delivery is a modern miracle. No longer do people have to stand in long lines to get their groceries. Nowadays, a click of a button can deliver your food right to your doorstep. Moreover, you do not have to scroll for ingredients if you have a specific recipe in mind. Many companies have subscription-based meal kits. So you can skip the tedious preparation and go right to the delicious eating part. The twenty-first century is age of online streaming, hence entertaining yourself is easier. Many online services stream your shows when and where you want to watch them. You do not even have to own a TV to watch your favorite show since all these services are accessible on mobiles, tablets, and laptops. The entertainment sector is evolving as more production houses take note of web series as viable alternatives to the cable tv package.
  4. How we stay healthy and safe: Healthcare professionals do not have to rely on paper records. Now they can access patient information from a central database. Telemedicine has made it possible for patients to get medical advice no matter where they are. Automation has decreased healthcare costs by $5.14 per patient per month. Similarly, tech has made life safer for us. Nowadays, homeowners can install smart home security systems that can detect intruders with face recognition technology. Not only do these systems trigger an alarm when they detect intruders, but they also live-stream it to your phone. But it does not always have to be an intruder that makes things unsafe for you. Seniors or people with mobility issues are very vulnerable to falls. Fortunately, tech has made it easier to detect falls and alert caregivers about the situation. Wearable devices, such as the Apple watch, can also monitor vitals and initiate medical alerts depending on the circumstances.
  5. How we operate in a crisis: There is one thing we have learned in 2020 that technology is our lifeboat in challenging times. Through modern technology, governments were able to improve surveillance and testing of COVID-19 transmitters. Countries like South Korea used technology to provide migration maps with the help of data from wearable technology. They were able to track disease in real-time and screen at-risk populations for contact tracing. As the world shut down, technology kept the world spinning with the help of online connectivity.

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The pandemic also affected our communication and interaction with friends and family. However, tech has made it very easy to get in touch with your old acquaintances and new friends. You no longer have to worry about distance coming between relationships. Communication is faster and more cost-effective. There are also many modes of communication. You can video call, voice message, or text anyone in the whole world completely free of cost. And you can collaborate with others with new collaborative tools to instantly share information and edit team presentations. Moreover, Cloud computing has made online meetings and classrooms a reality.


No doubt that the world has evolved due to technology. However, we must manage the cultural change that comes with increased automation. We should not compromise on the importance of face interaction. Not only can it bridge cultural gaps, but it can also put the human element in our lives that we crave. Technology is rapidly changing our lives, preferences and goals. In this tech-savvy world we need to keep our individuality on point and utilize it to improve our lives.

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