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5 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About

There are 5 Reddit features you may have missed. Let’s look at some of them. The app records the history and gathers subreddits into their dedicated tab. You don’t probably need to re-sort the subreddits manually. Reddit remembers the order of your posts and remembers your preferences. It is a nice feature, but the only downside is that navigating can be frustrating.

Filtering Reddit users

Filtering Reddit users is an easy way to limit your search results and remove the NSFW content you see. Reddit automatically applies the filter when you search for NSFW content. This filter is hidden in your profile preferences; you would never know it was there if you were a normal Reddit user. To turn off the search filter, visit the Reddit website and click on your profile image. Next, click on User Settings.

In the desktop version, filtering Reddit users is easier. to continue to do so, first log in to your account. Click on your username in the top right-hand bar. Click the “+” sign next to the username you want to filter. You can also enter a name for the subreddit. By doing so, the subreddits will be removed from your feed. Then, you can view only posts from people in a specific subreddit.

Filtering Reddit subreddits

After the recent redesign of Reddit, filtering subreddits has become even more important. You may have discovered a few subreddits you don’t want to see in your home feed but haven’t subscribed to yet. By grace, there are a few easy ways to filter the subreddits you want to see. In this, we’ll cover a few of the most popular methods and give you tips on making the most of the new Reddit experience.

The first step in filtering Reddit content is learning about each subreddit’s rules. /r/all is the site’s front page and is comprised of the general subreddits, such as r/funny and r/technology. Not all subreddits are created as if they are equal, and some of them contain content that might upset your sensibilities. You can filter these subreddits by choosing the ones that have the topics and content you’re interested in, or you can report any that seem offensive or racially insensitive.


You might have noticed that Reddit has recently released a new app. This one is called Narwhal. It is an in-app browser that allows users to filter content by subreddit, keyword, and user. However, Narwhal does not place a paywall on the site, unlike its rivals. Instead, users can browse subreddits and post comments. They can also use Narwhal to view media and links. You can also use the Reddit video downloader when you want to download videos and video clips in any format from the Reddit website to your computer. The app allows users to add all of their Reddit accounts to the app. Unlike the official app, Narwhal has limited customization features. It doesn’t offer GIF scrubbing or color themes for comments. However, it does offer a dark mode and an OLED night mode for a dark screen. You can, in seconds, switch between light and dark modes by clicking the icon in the top left corner. Users can also hide read posts. The app also records user activity and saves it in its database.


If you’re an avid Reddit user, you may have heard of Beam, a free app for viewing your favorite subreddits and posts. However, Beam lacks some features that you would expect from a Reddit client. Notably, the app doesn’t allow you to block users, choose your default subreddit, or customize user flair within a subreddit. It also doesn’t support trending subreddits or adjusting post order within a subreddit.

First, the app keeps track of past posts and organizes them in a dedicated tab. If you want to reorder your subreddits, tap the top status bar to hide them. While you can’t reorder subreddits, the app will remember your preferences, including sorting posts by category. You can also create multiple Reddit accounts to keep track of your interests.

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