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5 of the worst safe houses in the GTA series

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series by Rockstar have seen several popular games launched over the years. One of the most notable aspects of the games that the players adore is creating wealth and power. Safehouse property is the perfect display of position and power. It can cost you a lot of in-game money, and also you can use it to save progress along with vehicles and weapons.

However, it’s also fair to say that not every safe house is the best choice and not ideal for the player’s requirements. Another concern is that they can cost a lot of money and flaws; you need to reconsider whether you want to invest in them. Although, you can still buy them for you know the sake of accomplishment. Visit here to download GTA 5 APK.


The Flint County Safehouse in GTA San Andreas

The Flint County safe house is available in GTA San Andreas for $100,000. Although you might expect some exciting activities, there is nothing much you can do here.

The most significant flaws are that it’s out in the mountains, and it’s far from being at a convenient location while also being quite far from the civilization.  Although the players can come across Walton vehicles, tractors, and Sanchez bikes, the safe house also lacks a garage, and their spawn rate isn’t consistent.

If you want to buy it for achievement, then go for it. If not, well, it isn’t the best choice anyway.

The Madd Dogg’s Crib in GTA San Andreas

Although this choice might raise a few eyebrows if you observe closely, you will find the multi-million dollar mansion doesn’t offer a lot. You can get it for free in the later game stages. One thing that makes this safe house extremely dangerous is the famous basketball glitch.

The glitch is exceptionally annoying for the sports fans as it contains an error in mislaying the instigation region for the basketball court. When a player saves in the crib, the game renders due to the glitch, making the mini-game inaccessible. Also download the GTA 5 For Iphone.

Skumole Shack in GTA Vice city

Skumole Shack is one of the worst-looking safe houses with a deteriorating conditions; you can even say it’s the worst safe house in the entire game series. All the player can achieve here is save the game progress, and apart from that, there is nothing to do around here.

Medium-end apartments in GTA Online

The first thing that the GTA online players think about when they make some money is buying a safe house. The Medium end apartments appear quite appealing however you shouldn’t be fooled by it and instead wait for a while to purchase a high-end one with around a 10-cars garage. It is the best long-term investment you can make, and although you will have to wait for a bit, the apartment will be worth it all. Instead, if you want to invest, you can spend some money on weapons, ammo, and armor instead of buying these medium-end apartments.

Lower-End Apartments in GTA Online

Considering that the GTA 5 online is currently the most popular game globally in the GTA series, the lower-end apartments are the worst on our list. They cant store more than one or two vehicles and can cost around $80,000 to $121,000, which is a lot of money that you can use for weapons and armor at the start. So instead of wasting thousands of dollars on these apartments, you should keep your eyes on the big goal.

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