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5 Creative Award Categories for Employees

Every milestone achieved and task accomplished deserves utmost respect and appreciation to the whole team. Nothing beats giving out the employee awards when it comes to extending the appreciation and recognition to them. Praise the top performers of your company with the acrylic awards that entail association to the leader’s group. Make you’re the star performer of the company to feel proud for their efforts and hard work that they have put in to achieve the recognition and award.

Looking at the Benefits:

  • Higher enjoyment and satisfaction at work gives employees a little more time to focus on their job
  • Loyalty and satisfaction scores
  • Better teamwork
  • Lesser employee turnover
  • Lesser stress and absenteeism

This act of giving awards and recognition differs from one organization to another, and the way you appreciate your employees generally depends on your company’s abilities, needs, and values. Let us go ahead and check out the top creative award categories that are unique and special in their own way!

  1. Top Performer of the Month/Year

You must be thinking, why are these incentives or awards good for the employees? As mentioned in the above sentence, it helps your employees to stay motivated & give them a goal to look ahead and achieve it.

  1. Stacking Perpetual Award

If you are thinking about some good recognition award for your employees, finding a specific trait or factor to reward can encourage them to put more effort into those areas. You must come up with the award for a salesman who has performed better on a monthly or yearly basis. The same goes true if your employees are responsible for the output of the specific product.

  1. Customer Service Award 

It is an award that is generally given to the team that makes sure their customer needs are taken care of right and quickly. It can be anything like answering their questions, find the right information, and give the support that helps to keep your customers satisfied. You must take a little time to appreciate their efforts by giving them acrylic awards that will go a very long way to show your team they are appreciated.

When you are considering the right awards for your team, you have to review all the metrics being used in the department. It can be a number of calls taken and made, positive customer feedback or issues resolved. There are many repeat orders, up-sell opportunities, and new account additions that you can consider. You may give awards for the good attendance, quality of work, and suggestions that resulted in improvements. You will find a wide range of categories in Customer Service Awards like Customer Representative, Gem Award, Star Award, Gold Award, Rock Star Award, and many more.

  1. Welcome Aboard Awards

Whenever any new employee joins the company, it is important that you make the new person or employee to feel welcome & at home. You can add a particular section on the employee recognition program website that informs employees of the new hires & welcome them to the workplace. You can include the start date and send out the hiring notification to everybody on that particular date so they will greet the new member with the ‘Welcome Aboard’ award or send them a note!

  1. Service Awards 

Service awards or milestone awards are all same things–these awards recognize the employees whenever they hit the specific work anniversary. Basically, the service awards recognition was considered to be the benefit for the company. Still, they are the transactional and automated processes. In such scenarios, the employees might have received the award on the desk, or via email, on the anniversary date. Some employees might have gotten the award in the team presentation. Earlier, employee service awards generally included plaques, certificates, as well as lapel pins that were used to symbolize the years of service of an employee.

Final words 

As per classic behavioral psychology, getting recognition and appreciation in form of awards and rewards for working hard and finding new ideas generally leads to repetition of their desired behavior. Thus employee rewards categories lead to improved productivity at work as well as a positive result for the company.

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