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5 Best WordPress Themes for a Student Entrepreneur in 2021

Starting an e-commerce store or a blog is now much easier and this is encouraging to student entrepreneurs. Building a brand requires establishing an identity and understanding the target market by having an appropriate site.

WordPress sites are accessible and affordable, and the benefits far much outweigh the risks involved. With the right themes, the site features can encourage visitors to browse more and improve the conversation rates. This post highlights the 5 best WordPress themes for a student entrepreneur.


REHub theme serves various purposes and is common in the world of business. This theme is preferred by many student entrepreneurs because it offers diverse optimization solutions and is flexible, making it suitable for startups.

case study writer in the web development field says that entrepreneurs can build a WordPress site to help them achieve goals with minimal effort. ReHub theme has a virtual representation feature that is attractive to visitors. Its features such as blog reviews, shop options, and directory sites make it suitable for affiliate marketing. WordPress has continued to add more advanced features to this theme.

ReHub theme attracts student entrepreneurs because it keeps abreast with the latest trends in the market. The customization feature enabled users to improve their website blog on their own for their prospective customers.

This theme features filter panels that entrepreneurs can use to customize their site and additional affiliate feature for front-end affiliation and price checking. Through the product creator, entrepreneurs can display their products and services easily. ReHub has a plugin that makes the site content interesting to read. The content can be accessed from different sources including Tweets and Google images.

X Theme

X theme is also another WordPress Theme among student entrepreneurs. It is one of the best themes owing to its compelling features. One of the key benefits of X-Theme is that it has four stacks with different designs and layouts.

According to a developer for an essay writer site, this theme comes with the cornerstone stack which is regarded as a front-end page builder. Thus, it is suitable for the users who want to build their site from the front-end. The extensions in this theme are the plugins that include Olark Live Chat and Facebook comments.

Users can download and install these plugins on their site. X-Theme also has multipurpose shortcodes. The shortcodes can allow users to hide features that they don’t want the visitors to see or create specific buttons. Because of its unique features, it can be used on any website.

Student entrepreneurs love X-Theme because they can apply it for WooCommerce in their e-commerce businesses. The entrepreneurs can sort their posts and put them in the correct categories. The plugins in X-Theme can allow entrepreneurs to communicate and engage with their visitors hence increasing brand visibility.


SociallyViral theme is designed for faster management of web traffic. It comes with social sharing features that are ideal for student entrepreneurs. This theme increases traffic from social media sites and boosts social media rankings.

SociallyViral has a premium and free version, with the free version having limited features. It is a good theme for a blog for entrepreneurs who want to launch their e-commerce businesses that will generate traffic.

This theme supports WooCommerce, which means that it can allow entrepreneurs to showcase their products easily.

The loading effects of SociallyViral include:

  • The site visitors can stay in touch and this may result in increased conversion rates
  • The responsive design can allow customers to access the site through their mobile devices.
  • The responsive layout can fit into any screen.

The theme has a drag and drop builder to simplify the development of the website layout. The drag and drop feature has no limitation because users can design websites that meet their goals and desires.


Athena is geared towards helping websites attract people due to its full responsiveness, user-friendliness, and customizable features. Entrepreneurs can build their sites easily because this theme is user-friendly and fully responsive, catering to the needs of those who mind about SEO.

It is good for student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and who require professional guidelines on how to grow their businesses. Athena has a front-end page Jumbotron specifically designed for the marketing aspects. Through this feature, it is easier for entrepreneurs to attract more people to their sites. This theme is multipurpose and ready for WooCommerce applications.

Through Athena, one can create an online shopping website for any type of business ranging from videography, photography, hotels, freelancing, and more. This theme also has animated callouts and page slider features with numerous icons.

It offers links to the businesses’ social media platforms and mobile responsive menus to make customer engagements easier. Student entrepreneurs can use the live customizer that can enable them to change settings and view them live.

Divi Theme

Divi theme is popular in the market because it is attractive and fast. As such, it is a must-have for every student entrepreneur. It is sleek and fast and the users don’t have to load or refresh the pages.

Apart from this theme being fast for students, visitors can spend more time on a site and blog, leading to more conversion rates. Through the intuitive front-end feature of this theme, users can change their page for immediate updates of everything on the site.

Divi theme also comes with customization options that allow for a change in color, font, sizes, and spaces of the feature. It has a high-quality security system from a trusted security company, SuCuri.

Divi theme features live responsive previews and mobile breakpoints that can be tailored to users’ unique needs. It is also flexible and offers options for entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers because it has different language translations. The global elements on different pages can easily be synchronized where with a single update, everything gets updated.


Through creativity and innovation, student entrepreneurs continue making a difference in the world of business. Using the right WordPress themes to build websites and connect with their audience can make them more successful. The above themes are suitable for student entrepreneurs because of their right features suitable for beginners. The web content created through blogging enables people from all over the world to interact with e-commerce businesses and understand the business brand.

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