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5 Best Window ACs 1.5 Ton under 30000 to Help You Beat the Summer Heat!

 Good air conditioners these days are not hard to come by, especially in tropical regions like India where summer temperatures go up to 55 degrees. Companies like Voltas, Hitachi, Blue Star, Daikin etc. are known to make some of the best window ACs 1.5 ton under 30000. Equipped with faster cooling systems and smart features these 1.5 ton Window ACs are known to deliver optimum room temperatures for comfortable living throughout the year. While the price can be a pinch point for some, the benefits of buying an AC on EMI are plenty. Especially, when you choose a company like ZestMoney who offer some fantastic no-cost EMI schemes that offer 0 interest and no down payment whatsoever.

So if you’re looking to buy the best window AC 1.5 ton under 30000 for your home, then here are a few options you can consider:

  • Voltas 185 DZA 1.5 Ton Window AC (5 Star)

What makes the Voltas 185 DZA the best Window AC 1.5 ton under 30000 is its high performance and low energy consumption. It uses a special turbo cooling technology that can efficiently bring down the highest room temperatures within minutes. Its 1.5 ton capacity makes it ideal for a room of 130 square feet. Equipped with an anti-dust filter, you also don’t have to worry about your room’s air quality anymore with the Voltas 185 DZA.

  • Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW518KUDZ1 1.5 Ton Window AC

The Hitachi Kaze Plus is one of the more popular choices among the masses in the window ACs under 30000 category. It sports over 20 cooling modes and uses an auto-climate cooling technology that ensures an even distribution and circulation of air throughout the room. Customers have also commended the build quality of the AC and its copper condenser that have contributed to the durability of the product for them.

  • Blue Star 5W18GBTI Inverter 1.5 Ton Window AC

Exhibiting a 5 Star Energy efficiency rating, say hi to lower electricity bills with the Blue Star 5W18GBTI Inverter Window AC. It offers steady cooling at minimal noise ensuring your sleep every night is undisturbed. Lastly, it is also equipped with a powerful dehumidifier that functions to remove excess moisture in the air. So if you’re looking for a good budget AC for a room between 130-150sqft, this model might just be your best bet!

  • Daikin FRWL50TV162 1.5 Ton Window AC

The Japanese are known to make products that are sturdy and offer a long life span. The Daikin 3 Star 1.5 Ton Window AC is known to offer just that. Equipped with a robust copper condenser, it uses a power chill technology that promotes rapid cooling even at extremely high temperatures. If you’re looking at a solid durable window AC at an attractive price point this might just be the model for your home.

  • Carrier Estrella 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

What makes the Carrier Estrella a worthy buy is its 2 in 1 cooling and dehumidifier feature that promotes not just a temperature decrease but overall air quality as well. Using an Intelligent Cooling Technology, users are able to choose between 2 modes – dry and energy saver depending on the weather conditions surrounding them. If you live in a region that has high humidity, the Carrier Estrella may be the ideal choice for you.

So if you are contemplating buying your AC on EMI, but somewhat put off by the duration and the hassle the process involves, there is good news for you. When you sign up with ZestMoney online, you can receive your credit limit in less than 10 minutes!

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