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5 Best Gadgets for College Students To Study

“Student life is the coolest life ever” but you know what you can make it easiest too. You must be thinking about how that is possible!! Well, the answer is ‘technology’. We all know that technology has made our life easier. And when it comes to technology what comes to your head first – “the gadgets”.

Here are the 5 coolest gadgets that can help you in the study. It also can help you while writing a thesis or you may think about custom thesis writing service to get the best grades. So before you start your semester check whether you have the gadgets in your bag or not!!

1. Kindle Voyage

The days of carrying a lot of books to the institution are gone. Now you can carry an entire library in your pocket by simply having a kindle voyage. Richard who provides assignment help Melbourne services is overwhelmed with the experience of digital reading; he said that he doesn’t need to carry his 3330 pages of anthropology book to the institution anymore as he has it in his pocket. Digital reading with Kindle Voyage is also very budget-friendly because you don’t have to buy highly expensive books. Besides you can have the e-texts on lease for a while.

When you are done with your work you can return them. In any case, if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime on your phone then you can get access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where almost 600,000 classic books are available for your convenience. The best part is you can read them digitally without spending a single penny. So the semester is not a headache anymore. You can read plenty and save money as well.

2. Evernote Moleskine smart notebook

The word “study” is a fine composition of reading and writing. And you have to take notes of whatever you read or listen to in the classes. But sometimes you might face difficulty in tracking the notes; here the Moleskine notebook would be of great help. You can take down the notes on paper and convert them into digital notes with the help of the Evernote app. Ron who is a python coding tutors suggests his students use the Moleskine notebook to keep the track of the notes.

To convert the notes into pixels you just need to turn on the camera of the Evernote page and click the photos of your notes and it would be easily converted into pixels. Then you can save it in the app, there will be plenty of organizational options so that you can customize your file and track them easily in the future. Then read with any device as you can access the files with other devices too. If you want you can share them with your buddies too!!

3. OtterBox phone charging case

Student life is fun but it is hectic too. Because almost for the entire day, the students remain engaged in a study, classes, internships, extracurricular activities, events and many more.

Hence, they need their smartphone throughout the day but there might be battery issues with the smartphones therefore an OtterBox phone charging case would be a great choice. You can charge your phone anytime you want and the OtterBox Resurgence will increase the battery life of your phone over again.

The best feature of the OtterBox phone charging case is that “auto-stop charging” means it would stop charging to protect the phone and save power. And not only the “auto-stop” charging, OtterBox charging case will help you to overcome any obstacles that you face with your smartphone. You can charge multiple devices at once with Otterbox and it also offers you portable wireless charging.

4. Bluetooth coffee maker and heated cup

Student life equals plenty of sleepless nights. That’s why you need to stay energetic even at night. A Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker will be a great company in such times. You just need to install the WeMo app on your phone and you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee whenever you want to. It might be your bed-room or library or your friend’s place anytime you want.

The best part is, it doesn’t take much time. You switch on the app and a full pot of coffee is ready within 8 minutes. Lydia, a student of finance, takes finance assignment help from one of his buddies when they study together. She said that a cup of hot coffee helps them a lot to stay awake at night and it is only possible for the Bluetooth coffee maker. But suppose you don’t even have 8 minutes as you are already running late, then?

You don’t need to go to college without your energy booster, just take some caffeine and the heated cup. If you travel by a car then use the auto adapter to use the cup otherwise as soon as you reach college connect the heated cup with your laptop’s USB port and enjoy every sip of it.

5. External hard drive

Being a student you should never run out of storage as you need to save plenty of information on your laptop. Having an external hard drive is like having an insurance policy that will help you when you are in trouble. You can restore or backup your important files, photos, and videos on your computer or laptop without facing any kind of storage uses.

The greatest disadvantage of technology is you can lose your valuable data with just a wrong click. And life is unpredictable so you should have a backup plan beforehand. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim with 2TB storage would be extremely helpful as it is affordable and also a very lightweight gadget.  You can also use it with your mobile devices as well.

And last but not the least, nowadays without a smartphone student life would be unimaginable so first you need to have a smartphone only then you can access the other gadgets freely.

Moreover, from teachers to buddies everybody will be in contact with you via WhatsApp so you must need a smartphone for that. However, a smartphone is a must for everyone.

So, have you packed your bag with all the gadgets mentioned? If not then do it now for your convenience. To have an easy going life you need to stay composed with all the necessary stuff. Go progressive, go carefree!!

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