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4 Reasons to Consider Connected Packaging As Part Of Your Marketing Activity

Connected packaging is becoming increasingly commonplace, largely due to technological developments such as NFC (near field communications), RFID (radio frequency identification) and digital watermarks. But is connected packaging right for your organization and will investment in this cutting edge technology bring benefits? Here are some of the key reasons why you should be considering connected packaging as part of your marketing strategy.

1)  Brand Promotion

Many brands have already made use of QR codes to enable interaction with their product packaging. But incorporating these symbols into existing packaging hasn’t always been easy and many see them as having an unsightly impact on brand imagery.

Other connected packaging technologies such as NFC and RFID can be too costly for many organizations to consider. But new, conductive ink-based codes can be embedded beneath existing packaging graphics so branding imagery isn’t impacted.

Connected packaging provides many opportunities for brand promotion. It can offer a window into your business by providing an augmented reality tour of your establishment, a view of your delivery processes or details of exactly how your products are made.

2)  Promote Sustainability

Product packaging, recycling and sustainability are hot topics right now. Consumers are keen to see reductions in the use of plastics along with recycling initiatives and creative ways to use packaging that are actually beneficial to the environment.

Smart, connected packaging can be used to promote recycling and provide consumers with guidance in how to responsibly dispose of packaging or utilize it in creative ways. Consumers like brands who take responsibility for the disposal of their packaging.

3)  Product Authentication

Fakery and counterfeit products cause many issues, especially for well known brands. Connected packaging can help overcome issues as consumers can readily verify product authenticity using nothing more than their smartphones.

Enabling consumers to carry out their own product authentication alleviates any concerns they may have regarding possible fakery. When they purchase a product all they need to do is wave their smartphone near to the package to get the product verified as authentic.

Authentication is also important in the supply chain, enabling manufacturers to verify the sources of what they’re using in their processes.

4)  Providing Coupons

Couponing is a multi-million dollar industry in the USA. Connected packaging technology is ideal for businesses offering coupons to consumers.

Using connected packaging ensures that coupons are secure and specifically targeted at individual customers. Coupons can be personalized, making them far more engaging to consumers whose brand loyalty is enhanced by the interactive, personal experience.

Digital coupons are already being used by retail brands to encourage repeat sales by providing discounts and exclusive offers. Consumers are reporting that they prefer electronic coupons, stored on their smartphones, over paper coupons in their wallets and purses.

Connected packaging offers many opportunities for marketers to interact with consumers, promote their brands and derive valuable customer insight. Packaging can be effectively transformed into another media channel allowing you to create rich, engaging digital experiences for your customers. And you can derive a vast amount of valuable insight into your audience, your products and how they are used.

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