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3 Reasons To Embrace Field Service Software

For the large number of businesses operating in the field service industries, becoming more efficient is a key business target. It helps with costs, employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction. Like most businesses, those who work with engineers in the field are embracing technology, such as field service software, to get ahead of the competition.

Field service software offers a range of benefits to businesses with engineers in the field by helping to automate and make more efficient a range of business processes, from customer management to job completion.

In this guide we’ll take a look at just 5 of the many benefits of using field service management software, and how they could help your business.

1. It will save you time (and money!)

One of the key benefits of using field service software is to save a business time, and therefore money. The software helps to automate what are usually lengthy and mistake prone processes, allowing your field engineers to get on with the job more efficiently. Engineers are able to complete job reports on location, rather than having to spend time producing handwritten documents and then travel back to HQ to file them.

What’s more, built in reporting helps not only to save time for engineers in the field, but also administration teams within the office. Digital reports remove the problem of unreadable handwriting and time spent on data input.

2. Improved productivity for your workforce

There’s no such thing as the typical day for a field engineer, but for many, a day will be filled with numerous jobs, all of which have to be completed on time and to spec. If there’s a way of improving productivity, it would certainly be welcome.

Field service software does just that. By providing tools for job management, inventory checks, digital job reporting, and more, engineers in the field suddenly become much more productive, as the manual processes become automated, and they can work more effectively.

An engineer on a job who needs a new part can quickly view the full stock inventory and order that part from the touch of a button. Compare that to the old way of having to call in to the office and ask someone to look up the part on their own machine, and place the order too.

3. It ultimately provides better customer service

If being able to save time, money and have a more productive team wasn’t enough, field service management software helps you go one step further. Another key benefit of field service software is that it ultimately improves customer service – which is incredibly important for businesses.

Take the aforementioned example of an engineer needing to check if a part was in stock. From the customers perspective, they can be instantly provided with an answer to that question, as well as a price and a delivery time. Rather than having to stand waiting while the engineer is on the phone and relaying information about price and delivery.

The software also helps to improve customer service on job completion, as they can be provided with a job report and invoice there and then, rather than having to wait days or weeks for an email. The same is true if the engineer needs to quote for future work, they are able to do so right from the software and provide an instant quote to the customer.

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