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3 Factors of Sustainable IT for Business

In this day and age, as a business, it is important to think about how you can be more sustainable. Adopting practices that reduce waste produced by your company, or that contribute to lower or more efficient energy consumption are the best ways for a business to operate in a way that is friendlier to the environment.

Sustainable IT

One of the most effective ways in which businesses can become more sustainable is with the advent of sustainable IT. This is simply the use of technology designed to operate with a lower environmental impact than is associated with conventional IT. There’s been an increase in IT Support Companies adopting this technology – Managed Service Providers UK businesses trust are providing businesses with Sustainable IT Solutions to use.

There are some things that businesses can do now, such as adopting a more sustainable IT Support model; but there are some aspects of Sustainable IT that involve changes in attitude, and new trends that foster sustainable practice.

Cloud Migration – this is one thing that is accessible to most businesses. Migrating one’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can have a range of benefits. For example, it can help a business go paperless, thanks to more unified communication and collaboration enabled by cloud-based apps and services. It can also take away a business’ reliance on hardware. It helps having a Managed Services Provider London Businesses can turn to when they need assistance with certain Microsoft products or migrations. For instance, migrating servers to the cloud can mean getting rid of on-premise servers, which can have high energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Tech – these days, devices like tablets, laptops and PCs can be rated for energy efficiency. Making sure your business is equipped with the most energy-efficient hardware is a great step to take.

Smart Datacenters – strategically locating (or relocating) servers and data centres can play a big part in their overall energy efficiency and emissions. It is already an established fact that large and hyperscale data centres are much more efficient than smaller local servers. For a small to medium-sized business, hosting servers virtually in a large datacenter represents a much lower energy consumption than if they were hosted using an on-premise server at their site. You must choose the best dedicated servers which provide smart Datacenters.

This can be taken even further in fact, because one study has indicated that server farms could cut their greenhouse emissions by as much as 88% through implementation of cutting-edge IT equipment, and also by building datacenters in cooler climates to reduce the need for cooling (which has high energy consumption.) Did you know that certain sectors use more data than others? We’ve seen how IT Support for Solicitors Solutions use a lot of cloud consumption!

The movement towards sustainable IT is really a joint effort between businesses and organisations utilizing existing technology, and the right practices, to operate more efficiently; but there is also a tide of innovations in recent years – and changing the tech industry’s attitude to reflect the importance of sustainability is also a huge part.

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